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Satellite TV (Dish/Direct TV) no contract?

I’d like to try satellite TV (Dish/Direct TV), but would like to do so without signing a contract, for two reasons: (main reason) 1. My lease is up within the next 6months, not sure if I staying in the same place. 2, not sure of reliability of service.

So, is it possible to get satellite tv, new customer, would signing a contract?. anyone know of any specific website? It isn’t advertised.I am sure I will have to pay more for setup, etc, but I would consider doing so since it would be cheaper than breaking a contract agreement.

You can buy the receivers and pay for installation from a local satellite installer. You can find a Dish Network or Directv installer here:

After everything is installed, you will call to activate the system. Be careful when purchasing used receivers as they may have a balance on them. You can find new equipment here:

Another option may be to get cable as their is no contract.

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