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I have decided to sale my home. I would like to list it on the internet. What is the best website to use?

I have listed my home with a real estate agent. They have not shown my house one time in the last 3 months. What is the best website to use for the listing. My contract is good for 3 more months with this agent. I want to change companies if it is not shown before then. Who is the best agent to use? I wan’t someone who will advertise well and put the listing on the internet with pictures and a good description of the home.

If you have 3 more months in your listing agreement, try to use that time wisely. Sit down with your agent and express your concerns, face to face. Let them know your expectations – with advertising in print and online, networking the listing with fellow agents and in the community, virtual tour, open houses, whatever you want – then ask them to give you a written plan for the remaining 3 months that address all these concerns.

Have your agent bring a copy of your MLS sheet so you can make sure it’s descriptive and has plenty of pictures, and a virtual tour.

If you don’t get satisfaction, go to your agent’s broker and ask to either be released from the contract due (at no cost to you) because your agent is not doing the job – or get reassigned to a more motivated agent.

If none of this helps, when the contract is over, shop your listing to 3-5 agents (ask friends or family for referrals) and have them prove to you what they are doing NOW to promote their properties (copies of ads, online printouts, MLS info on thier sales, etc.) – not what they say they will do for yours in the future. Ask for phone numbers of current or past customers so you can do a little background checking.

But the most important thing is to clearly communicate your expectations – people don’t read minds, so don’t assume your agent knows what you want. TELL HIM/HER.

Good luck and best wishes.

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