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Free website to feature local performance artists and is funded by local advertising-?

I am about to begin filming local artists -musicians – songwriters – poets and whatever else that may be entertaining to watch – they will all be restricted to local area artists and events.

I have no money to pay people to participate in the site but – I am hoping that the site could become well known locally and the exposure could alone be a great thing – eventually i would hope to get advertisers to make it easier on me as far as the cost of gas – tapes – website costs and whatever else may come along – plus of course it would also be great to be able to have some left to just do this as some kind of job –

So my question is – is it fair to have the artists perform on the site for free, thinking that the exposure will help them sell more of thier own cds or get more people to attend their shows and such – while I make money from advertising on a site that was made great by them-

I don’t want to cheat anyone (would I be?)–what should I do?

Yes… Training is not free and neither is talent. I can see for a charity event. However, just to get exposure. NO… Exposure to the right people is what is important… Good luck on your venture…

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