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Website Advertising Overview

Website advertising has been around for years, but are you taking advantage of every type of advertisements that are available?  Monetizing your website is simple, and it doesn’t require hiring a sales staff to sell ad space.  Most website publishers use one or more pay per click advertising networks.  These networks place ads on your website, and you get paid every time one of your users clicks on one of the ads.  It’s the perfect advertising solution for both the small website owner who just wants a little cash on the side and the large website owner who really wants to focus on getting the most revenue possible out of her website.

One option that’s available through most pay per click advertising networks is the option for contextual ads.  In contextual advertising, the network searches your website to determine which keywords you’re targeting.  Then, based on those keywords, the network matches your website with contextual ads that are relevant to your website or related in some way.

There are two major kinds of contextual ads for website advertising.  The latest form of contextual advertising is known as In Text advertising.  The In Text ads on your site will look very similar to links, although a small bubble opens whenever the mouse passes over them.  This form of website advertising is revolutionizing the way online companies do business online.  The traditional kind utilizes your keywords to place banners and side ads above and next to your content.

You should always set goals for any contextual advertising solution you choose.  Website advertising can easily make you as much money as you want, but you’ll only get there if you’ve got a precise goal in mind.  Start by setting a goal for the ads on your site to earn a reasonable amount of money.  If you don’t meet your goal after a week of running pay per click ads on your website, then you’ll need to make some adjustments.  You can adjust your keywords or the layout of your website.  With In Text ads on your site you can also change the look of the ads by changing the color or using any of the other adjustment tools on your Infolinks account.  Adjustments can be made to traditional website advertising by simply changing the layout of the ads on your website.

Infolinks is the leader in In Text advertising because they guarantee the highest revenue from In Text ads on your website.  Infolinks uses the best mathematical equations to yield the highest eCPM possible and ensure you the highest revenue.


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Anyone know any reliable website advertising ?

I’m triying to advertise my website , the prices for google ads keywords have gone way too high. Ive tried some email services and traffic services before and never really had a good success. Im not looking for autosurf junk traffic. Thank You

Social media is the way to go these days. Build profiles on Digg, Mixx, Propeller (there are a ton out there). Be social and interact, make friends with people then slowly but surely start submitting your own links.

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