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Typical Website Advertising Fees

typical website advertising fees

New Website Offers Low Cost Advertising for Small Business

If you have ever advertised and marketed online, you have noticed that every click through is not worth the price paid for it. Many individual web visitors often only stay on your web property 2 to 5 seconds and it is very difficult to inform potential buyers of the attributes of your products in that small window of time. In the past companies have sought to over come this problem by purchasing larger numbers of ads and playing the numbers game. This intense jockeying for advertisement position has resulted in higher ad prices due to supply and demand and the subsequent raising of the barrier to quality advertising for small business owners.

A new advertising venue, cheap-online-advertising dot com , is tearing down the advertising barrier for small business.

You have to grow your small business the same way the big boys of today did it, advertising, advertising, advertising. Most small business people are unaware of the elevated cost of advertising in high traffic areas.

Businesses that advertise on high traffic websites are prepared to pay a premium for that advertising space. This locks out the little man. So it is common for entrepreneurs to dream big but remain small.

You can plan to take your respective market by storm, but to actually do it requires some form of advertising. Sure, small business owners can advertise on the same websites as big business but it is a grim reality that the more money you have the better you can acquire premium advertising spots. While big business claims the premier spots, smaller businesses settle for lesser performing ad placements. This makes for a disheartening reality check as small business owners realize that big money accounts get the prestige and carefully sought after notoriety. Even with pay per click, search engine marketing, the small business persons quickly discovers that major keywords are beyond their reach, simply because big business has bid more for the word than they can afford. If they advertise on a particular high traffic word their ad will appear several pages beyond the depth most searchers are willing to dig. You see, when searchers use search engines they typically look for their interests on result pages 1 – 5 maybe 1-7, If they don’t find what they are looking for, they usually try a different keyword search to locate what they are looking for. If your ad is on page 8 or 25 for that matter, your ad is basically useless. That is why conventional advertising does not work very well for small business.

So, small business owners carefully plan on the business being a success and set out to make it happen. Only to slowly understand the bleak reality that most are daunted by the formidable question of “how do I advertise my small business?” Cheap-online-advertising dot com has solved that question.

The “how to advertise” hurdle is one that has frustrated many would-be CEOs. Your product won’t sell if no one knows about it and its features.

Compounding the small business’ problem is the fact that most advertising venues are currently being bombarded by, much larger, more financially equipped companies. This fact has caused advertising costs to remain high and out of reach of the small business owner due to the laws of “supply and demand”. If no one wanted the advertising spot, one could have that spot for mere pennies but since there are so many wanting advertising spots, the price goes for as much as the owner thinks he/she can get for it.

We know that the ability to gain large scale advertising can make a product successful but the cost of gaining that large amount of exposure can be enormous. A new advertising website TypoBounty dot com is breaking down the barriers to small business advertising.

TypoBounty allows small businesses to offer bounties or small cash rewards for any errors that can be found on their website. Searchers come to the website looking for errors, reading the entire website. The visitor catches the full impact of your sells pitch and helps improve your sells pitch. This greatly increases the potential that they will purchase your product. Small businesses gain a visitor that is very attentive to the offer, and will read more of your offer. After all of your website’s errors are found and eliminated, the small business still receives massive amounts of traffic from visitors looking for errors.

If errors are found, owners pay the visitor a nominal fee for reporting it. In return the owner gains massive amounts of traffic, increasing the number of people that know about the business’s products and the perfection of their websites content and offer. With TypoBounty, the advertising is cheap, plentiful, expandable and helpful in making the small businesses grow.

{John Michaels says, “TypoBounty is a unique advertising venue for small business because no ad is pushed aside by big money accounts. Since visitors come looking for ads they aren’t deterred, irrespective of how deep in the site an ad exists

“I was a little discouraged at first.” Says David Anderson, “ I just couldn’t find a way to break through the advertising glass ceiling. But since error marketing began, that ceiling has been blown apart. People dig TypoBopunty with such commitment your ad will be seen. Of course, it is best to be on top but even the bottom ads are visited regularly as many look to find errors. They can’t find it without getting the full impact of what you have to sell.” Visitors to TypoBounty visitors dig deep into the site for opportunities to earn money for finding errors. So it matters very little where an ad appears, it gets massive amounts of traffic. Visitors to the small business’s websites bring with them bulging online money accounts with disposable cash and stay longer. With the easy come easy go attitude about the money they have earned, TypoBounty users spend money with relative ease. In a small business, every dollar matters. So, investing large amounts of money in advertising techniques that only result in 2 second visits to one’s website is very counter productive. TypoBounty business model makes every visit count. Visitors actually learn about the business’s products and services increasing the advertising website’s stickiness. Visitors don’t just click over and click back. They stay on the advertising websites longer and learn much more about the product, website or information being presented. With more people knowing substantially more about a product and its benefits comes the increase likelihood of a purchase, referrals and residual word of mouth advertising. For instance, if a person is not in the market for a cell phone but he/she spends 5 –10 minutes reading about what makes a particular cell phone so great, that person is more likely to tell others about such the great cell phone he/she has found or even replace his/her current cell phone with this better one. This is big time advertising for a fraction of the cost.

About the Author

The author, John Reed, has 15 years business experience and has had the opportunity to use and review multiple online businesses. You can read more about avoiding the money trap of marketing your small business at

How much $ is a typical blackberry plan ?

well i live in toronto.
and from any provider.

i would want internet,
free after 6 and weekends free.
unlimited texting
and caller id.

does anyone know how mch that would usually cost?
bcz im trying to convice my mom, but shes being a stubborn you know what. ;|

I’m with Telus and my plan costs $52 per month, taxes and other fees included. I have the following:
-Instant messaging
-Unlimited texting
-Caller ID
-I think 200 minutes per month but I’m not sure (I never go over because I don’t actually like talking on the phone lol)

Also, once you have a contract you can still change your plan if there’s a promotion (and there are some quite often) so even if you don’t get the best plan to start off with, remember to drop by your provider’s store pretty often to see if anything new is available. Often, these promotions are not advertised on the websites.

I think that $52 per month is a good deal but it’s still a lot to ask of your mom. When I was in high school, my mom paid my phone pill for me because she wanted to make sure I was safe taking public transit. I would never have dared to ask her to pay a blackberry plan. Maybe you should pay it yourself or wait until you’re financially able to.

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