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What is wrong with my computer?!?!?

Ok, so i’ve been going to camps and such for the past month this summer, and when i come back my computer is totally F#^@$D up! There is this program called system security that keeps telling me i have all these viruses i don’t have, when i get on the internet and google something then most of the links i click automaticly go to some other advertising website, and to top it all off my programs won’t work! nothing works! even ctrl+alt+delete for the task manager won’t open! i purchased kaspersky anti-virus but the installer on the disk opens and then closes! somebody please help me! also if someone has a used system security acticvation key can they give it to me? thank you all and please give me an answer!

you have a very bad virus. if kaspersky is not working you should bring it to the computer store and get it cleaned out. i had to do it once and it cost around $100.

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