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how do I get my website advertised under the keyword wholesale fashion jewelry i’m willing to pay money?

I wanted to know how much and for how long would I be able to be listed as the top provider for the search words *wholesale fashion jewelry, fashion jewelry*?

Hey, my name is Rebecca Schwartz and I’m a sales representative for a new media marketing company, meaning we make websites! Our clients are people with mom and pop businesses, and we help them compete with bigger industries by selling them big websites, at a small business price! The first customer with our company made 5,000 dollars in just the first week, we also have Search Engine Optimization BUILT IN to our packages, which means that you get put at the top of google. So you would have to switch your website provider and create it under us, but you will always have search engine optimization, and you can keep your domain name!!

If you’re interested in talking more, feel free to email me at:

We really do care about your business

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