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I have always wanted to become a model, run way model. I am a 43 years young woman who wants to carry out this dream. Does anyone have any leads as to how i can proceed?

You would still have to meet the standard measurement criteria to do runway modelling, whatever your age. 34″-24″-34″ & 5’8-5’11” or Plus Size Modelling – 5’8-5’11”, size 10-18 UK. Weight is not important but models must be toned with a healthy BMI.

Starting at 43 will make it more difficult for you, but there are runway models working at that age and older. (Carmen Dell’Orifice is 80, Lesley Lawson is 62, Linda Evangalista still walked in her 40s).

You apply to be signed to an agency. Search online by googling ‘Model Agencies (followed by the area you want to search). Apply by attending open calls, direct by email to agency offices, or by use of the online application forms found on the agencies` websites, When applying the agencies require head & shoulder shots & full length body images, both front facing & side shots. Wear a fitted plain T shirt & fitted jeans. No make-up & hair off the face. Be aware that agencies reject up to 98% of applicants & those that do get signed are not guaranteed work.

If runway is not feasible for you other modelling genres do not have measurement criteria. Modelling genres are :

(All ages) Fitness, Runway, Catalogue, Fashion, Print, Magazine, Advertising, Promotional, Plus Size, Character, Commercial, Editorial, Parts Modelling, Hair, Photographic.

(All ages but under 18s – catalogue style only. Over 18s only for provocative images) Swimwear, Lingerie, Underwear.

(Over 18s only) Alternative, Gothic, Topless, Nude: Glamour nude, Playboy Nude, Concealed Nude, Implied Nude, Art Nude, UK Magazine, US magazine, Continental, Hardcore, Fetish

Portfolios should include images in the model`s chosen genres. Both professional un-edited & clear amateur shots are acceptable. Use images from several photographers. You will need permission from the photographer to include his/her images in your portfolio as they own the copyright. Some photographers work TFP/TFCD i.e neither model & photographer are paid but both get to use the images in their portfolios. Some photographers charge for their work-ensure that the price they quote is all inclusive. Be wary of portfolio studios as often the price does not include the images, only the studio time & the photographer. Some portfolio studios will give the hard sell to entice their customers to pay extortionate prices for poor quality images. For further portfolio information use this link…

Beware, 3 out of 4 agencies are scams. The quickest, but not exclusive, check is to google the name of the agency followed by the word ‘scam’ or ‘review’ & to read the results. Be aware that where there are negative reviews scam agencies often write bogus positive reviews. The link here will take you to further information on how to avoid the scams :…

Genuine agencies receive 1000s of applications direct to their offices & have no need to scout or advertise anywhere on the internet INCLUDING Facebook, FaceParty, Gumtree, Google Ads, YahooAds. To make this clear, when making an internet search relating to modelling ALL the modelling adverts on the right of the screen & in the pink or blue boxes at the top of the results list are ALL scams.

You can also freelance for paid work. Use model networking sites such as Model Mayhem / Purestorm / OneModelPlace to locate photographers in your area that will pay you to model for them. Modelling is paid pro rata. Hourly rates can be high compared with many other jobs, but there is no guarantee of ongoing work. You`ll need to keep up with your messages, be professional, & keep your own paperwork in order for tax purposes. Photographers have contact details in their own websites that they link to their network site profiles.

Some agencies cover all types of modelling, some a select few & some are exclusive to one style. But what each one will be looking for is

a) the model`s ability to make him or herself and the product they are advertising (whether it be a physical item or an idea) saleable either via the camera or the catwalk.

b) models they can market to their clients. Each agency has it`s own client base , which may be looking for different types of models to the clients of another agency.

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