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Radio Advertising: How To Get Free Radio Advertising

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A Different Approach to Radio Marketing. Traditionally if you wanted to carry out a spot of radio marketing for your product or service, you would call up a station and ask for their media pack. This pack would include statistics on how successful ads were when broadcast on their station.

The station sales team would make a big point out of their stats before hitting you with the huge cost of running ads with them.

Now think Richard Branson.

How much free advertising has he generated over the years for the Virgin organization? Guess around the millions of dollars mark and I don’t think you’d be wrong. Mr Branson has done many different things and broken many world records, so TV and radio stations have to take notice because what  he does is INTERESTING.

Let’s get back to Radio Marketing. Talk show hosts are desperate for interesting guests to invite onto their shows. It’s their job to find new and interesting things to talk about. By making yourself available as a guest, you are DOING THEM A FAVOR!

Radio Talk Show Hosts have a hard time filling in the THOUSANDS of hours of broadcasting time they are responsible for.They want to give you FREE Radio Marketing (advertising) because it helps them sort out their biggest headache!

So how do you get invited as a talk show guest? One way is to sign up with an agent or get represented by a Public Relations firm. Another less expensive way to get your name in front of a talk show’s producer is to send a unique one-page “teaser” that gives the show ideas for a topic (guest included – i.e. YOU) for an interview and give them a few suggested questions to get started.

Mark Kaye has been in the Radio & TV biz for over a decade. He booked radio guests for a living. For the last 15 years Mark had booked HUNDREDS of guests and turned down hundreds more. He does radio marketing for a living. You can read a review of his insider secrets to getting free radio advertising at this website:

About the Author

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Paul is an internet publisher with a passion for helping people find solutions to their problems. Get more information on free radio advertising by clicking on this link

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Has anyone tried “moms teeth whitening secret” as advertised on google?

I did. I ordered the free trial out of curiosity. Once I received I called and cancelled the free trial like the website says. I have now found 2 separate charges of $60 usd on my credit card and a $10 membership fee to some nutritional service?? Must have been lots of fine print that I didn’t read. Any ways, just wanted to know if anybody else has ordered this and experienced any issues.

I have not ordered the product that you asked about. However, My mom has done the same thing you did not once but twice. Order something on line that says it has a free trial and got charge $$$ for the product. You are right about reading the fine print. Many times they will state you only get the free trial if you pay for one month. This is not hidden but you do need to really look for it. I suggest you call your credit card company and have them decline the charges. They normally will if you stated what happen.

With that being said I have taken the time to give you some information about teeth whiten every thing from home remedy to over the conter products and what a dentist can do. I hope it helps.

Some research suggest that whitening strips may have side effect such as gum irritation and tooth sensitivity, especially for first time users; with that in mind one may want to start off with shorter time used or a less concentration of whitener. If you are still experiencing the side effect you may wish to stop the use of the strips.

Here are some suggested home remedy that may help to whiten your teeth.
1)Brushing with Lemon Juice
2)Brushing with Baking Soda
3)Brushing with Hydrogen Peroxide
4)Brushing with Salt
5)Rubbing Strawberries on your teeth then Brushing off.
However, all though the above may help whiten your teeth they can do damage as well. They contain sugar and acids and are abrasive, all of which may damaged your enamel that helps protects your teeth

You may wish to consult a Cosmetic Specialist
Cosmetic dentistry may help you to get your best smile at any age. One of the most popular cosmetic dental procedures to a perfect smile is bonding. Cosmetic dental bonding is a fairly painless procedure usually performed in one dental visit by applying an enamel like material to your teeth which is then shaped, hardened with a special light and polished.
For a more dramatic smile, porcelain veneers can make a drastic difference. With veneers, you can control the color, position, shape, and size of your new teeth which can correct crooked, worn, or chipped teeth. This procedure can cost between $1,200 – $3,500 per tooth.
Cosmetic dentistry insurance coverage is not afforded by most dental insurance companies. If you are with a group dental insurance company through your employer, you may want to inquire if cosmetic dentistry insurance coverage is provided under your dental plan.
Cosmetic dental coverage is normally provided by discount dental plans. Discount dental plans usually cover 15 to 20 percent of the cosmetic dental care cost.

There are many different types of tooth past that have whitening as well as mouth wash with whitening this may be another alternative. I suggest you talk with a local dentist and see what you feel will be best for you.

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