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Are there companies that can get advertisers for my website? Like online ad agencies? Thanks!?

I’d like to create a website that generates income from advertising. But I don’t have any advertising background and I have no idea what the rates should be. I also want to concentrate on selling or marketing my site and increase my subscribing members rather than spend time looking for advertisers. I am considering getting third-party help for it.

I am assuming the you mean banner or text advertising as opossed to affiliate marketing. Much as I hated doing this, the only way you will know how much charge for advertising is by researching your competitors and how much they charge. Something else that is important is how many clicks the other web sites receive. Once you have decided how much you should charge, then you can simply put a link on your site ‘Advertise on this site’ and post the information. As you will probably wish to accept credit cards for payment, I would suggest that you look at Google checkout. Google is not charging commission for cc transactions through Dec 31.

Ad planner site: gleans all advertising rates/audiences from NZ media

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