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Is Website Advertising Effective

is website advertising effective

Generate More Website Traffic with Website Advertising

In order to explore all avenues of a business its essential to gain control over the market. For this purpose different advertising methods are used according to your company requirement.

If you want to reach millions of customers worldwide in one go and without shelling out a fortune, than there is no better way out than website advertising.

You can do it in different ways depending upon your site type and the business you do. If you know website designing then you can design one for your company or else professional companies help can be taken to do it. Search engines like Yahoo and Google can be used for posting a banner ad in their search options. Another way out is to step up an advertising account with sites like MySpace or Facebook so that your company ad is observed by millions of people.

The cost of advertising depends upon the method you choose for it, and the cost varies from few dollars to thousands. At the stage of market research you should also see who is the target group of customers.

This mode of advertising is extremely beneficial for every size of businesses whether small, medium or big companies. With increase in usage of internet, millions of people all over the world are doing business transaction via net. They use it for various purposes like- information sharing, communication, products and services promotion, searching relevant information and so on.

Link exchange is one of the most cost effective and practical way of website promotion. For this you need to search for a related site where your website link can be put up. It would definitely increase website traffic. You can also put up return link to their site on your website.

In reciprocal linking the chances of getting desired target customers increases, as they themselves choose to click at the link of your website. Once they land on your web page, second challenge is to capture their attention and hold it for longer. Here the role of website advertising is of paramount importance, you can also consider keeping good and quality-based content.

Quality content is obviously rich in keywords which is informative and motivate the visitors to keep coming back and increase the sales. You can also choose paid link exchange program for boosting the level of search engine ranking. It gives the facility of getting links with thousands of web owners in return.


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How do i advertise a new website – its a free teaching resource?

I have created a free teaching resource for PE teacher but i am having trouble finding effective ways of advertising it. Also how many hits do i need to be getting before i can consider the site successful?

Two ways really…you can pay for it or work for it…well both you have to work for but when you pay you don’t have to do as much leg work.

PPC or pay per click means that you pay Google so many cents per click to advertise a set of words in Google

SEO or search engine optimization. You can create a free blog or optimize your current site to draw in natural Google search engine traffic. This occurs when people type in a set of words into the google search engine to find results for those keywords. You optmize a blog or your website for one keywords phrase per page to try to rank #1for a given set of keywords.

The PPC is easier but is just a quick spirt of traffic as your clicks run out so does your visibility to searchers.

The organic method takes longer to get results but once you get the ball rolling the traffic is slow and steady.

Those are you two methods but something you can do today to advertise is article marketing.

Write free articles on your site and place in the author bio a link back to your site.

Other people see the article > hopefully like it and place the article on their page of their site for their traffic to see….their traffic sees your article and goes to your site and so on and so forth.

A great marketing forum that I visited alot in the beginning and still do to help other is called the warrior forum.

You can ask questions just like this and get help in all sorts of cool idea responses.

Trust me when I say that if you don’t want to pay someone to market your site then you should know that you are at the tip of the ice berg when reading your question.

But in a nutshell the best way to advertise your site is article marketing, setup a free blog and blog about your site, join forums just at these and talk about your site (be careful not to place your link in the answer box but in the box where it says “what’s your source”so that you don’t get banned from yahoo answers)

those are few ideas > hope this helps.

You can view a site a buddy of mine owns that teaches other people how to make money online > but is great for your site bucause he teaches you how to drive traffic to your site for free….last I checked his site was really huge and he own his own academy of sorts where he teaches people through email and /or videos….his site is something like : the keyword academy….yeah I just googled his site and it’s still there…looks like’s retouching on the basics so today is probally a good day to learning exactly what you are looking for

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