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what is the legality of buying a switchblade in Maryland?

I already know that it is legal to possess a switchblade and to carry one if it is not concealed or intended for illegal purposes. I would like to know if it is legal to buy on and where i could do so. Can i buy one from the internet legally?

The answer is an interesting paradox: It is legal to buy switchblades in Maryland, but it’s not legal to SELL them.

By state law ยง 4-105, you cannot even legally advertise them for sale or trade. And by federal law, a person cannot sell switchblades over a state lines. While there are internet websites that sell switchblades, it’s only legal under the federal law if you live in the same state, and because selling in Maryland is illegal, the upshot is you cannot buy them legally on the internet at all. It’s not that you would be a law-breaker for buying, but rather the seller has to be willing to risk breaking the law, and the majority of knife sellers will not.

The only way to legally purchase a switchblade if you are a resident of Maryland is to physically travel outside of Maryland to a state where the sale of switchblades is legal and you buy from a brick-and-mortar store in person. Example states are West Virginia, Utah, Arizona, New Hampshire, and Vermont. Don’t bother with Virginia or Pennsylvania, as it they are illegal to be sold there.

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