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How’s it going guys! Hope you’re having a great time leveraging your biz.

As online marketers, we are always looking for ways to leverage our products. Whether we have physical or digital creations, we always search for avenues where we can sell them. We actively scout for new strategies to advertise and find more channels to link with.

Where links are concerned in the online world, taking on affiliates is one effective form of marketing strategy. Affiliate marketing is something relatively new in online business, but it is only just a spin-off from a traditional marketing strategy that highly successful marketers of old use: taking advantage of distribution channels to sell a product.

The reason why affiliate marketing is widely popular these days is that it cuts both ways. For the affiliate, it’s a simple case of earning through a link in their website. While there are some highly successful individuals who make money by concentrating on affiliate marketing alone, most affiliates are regular peeps who maintain sites or blogs on topics close to their hearts. From pets to gadgets to review sites, affiliate marketers just enjoy maintaining a site for the sheer enjoyment of it. Being an affiliate is just added income. (And a lucrative one at that if their site generates enough traffic).

For us Internet marketers, running an affiliate marketing program is one helluva way to increase the channels you have to distribute your product. C’mon, let’s face it: The Internet is a limitless space. It’s not that easy to reach the audience that you could still potentially reach doing it by yourself. Hell, it’s next to impossible.

But if you have affiliates, they do a big chunk of your marketing for you. They reach targets that you would otherwise not be able to reach on your own. For a little percentage of the sale, you have “walking advertisements” that promote your biz. By driving traffic of like-minded individuals to your website, you avail yourself of a pool of potential buyers without forking out an initial investment for advertising cost.

Running an affiliate program for your biz is one form of exponentially growing your customer base in the shortest amount of time possible. Of course, you do need some sort of criteria before you accept an affiliate (the quality of their website also reflects your biz) but once you’ve got a wide network set up, you’ll just have to wait for the traffic and sales to roll in. It’s advertising and channeling in direct, simple and efficient ways.

Expand your channels for sales. Welcome affiliates.

To YOUR Success,

Kevin Hutto

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Do we have Mr Bush to thank for this? Do you agree this USA Government has destroyed our freedom?

Numerous federal and local law enforcement agencies have bypassed subpoenas and warrants designed to protect civil liberties and gathered Americans’ personal telephone records from private-sector data brokers.

These brokers, many of whom advertise aggressively on the Internet, have gotten into customer accounts online, tricked phone companies into revealing information and even acknowledged that their practices violate laws, according to documents gathered by congressional investigators and provided to The Associated Press.

The law enforcement agencies include offices in the Homeland Security Department and Justice Department — including the FBI and U.S. Marshal’s Service — and municipal police departments in California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia and Utah. Experts believe hundreds of other departments frequently use such services.

Everyone is talking about it…democracy is ending. No one seems to care enough to create the dissention it’s going to take to get back the freedoms we’ve lost over this government’s response to “terrorists”. In that vein, are the Democrats asleep in congress? It’s obvious there is some kind of concerted effort here to change the constitution. Bush is redefining his job description without regard for it.

When ANY city ends putting out news like New Orleans did in this mornings’ newspaper-all American cities should take note. When anyone is held against their will and denied representative council it happens to each one of us. Corporations cooperating with and giving the government whatever they want and sneaking them privileged information about individuals is a giant red flag.

Thousands of our country’s young men have sacrificed their lives in several wars so that we could keep the rights that are being taken away from us by this present administration…and that would be an abomination if we let it happen.

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