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Is transcription a viable work-at-home job opportunity?

Because of a degenerative disk in my back and neuropathy in my feet, I am not able to work in an office environment because I need to take frequent breaks because of pain. So, I am looking for some type of work to do from home.

I have checked into many work-at-home jobs, but so many of these jobs you see advertised on the Internet are scams. However, transcription (the rendering of audio into written/typed words) seems to be legitimate.

Has anyone done, or is now engaged in transcription? How did you get into this and is it something you can make a living at? Do you need any special training?

Thanks for sharing! Take care and God bless.

I was a medical transcriptionist working from home for 13 years. My best year was 36K working 4 to 5 hours a day. I now run a website for transcriptionists where you can learn how to choose a course of study.

Many transcriptionists get their training through a course of study while others carry their medical terminology knowledge with them from other health related fields. You would need to get the terminology down, and then get started. Many companies want experience so there’s a catch-22. However, doctors and hospitals may be hiring, and after a time you can work from home as many transcriptionists do.

You will need to be very attentive to ergonomics with your condition.

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