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free, website maker?

I want something where you can create a really good website like you can on iWeb or Microsoft Publisher (but online), where you can point a domain to FOR FREE. YES I WANT SOMETHING FREE. NOT A FREE TRIAL BUT COMPLETELY FREE!! And i want to be able to point the domain to it for free. I’d like to find something professional. I dont mind it having small advertising banners at the top of the page, but i dont want in HUGE letters “wanna site like this…then try …”
thank you.
(i will pick best answer, so PLEASE answer!!)
i don’t want a free domain name, i want a free website maker that will point a domain name to that site.

ex when ever you type www.(yourdomainname).com, it will go to the site you created using this “unknown website maker”
i don’t want to have what ever the site creaters name in the URL
(ex. (websitemaker).com/(mysitename).
i want the url to be:

Ok, head over to you can make a pretty cool semi pro looking site on there, you can either make your own through the custom walk through sections, use a template or upload your own through their own FTP system (uber useful, I am a web site designer and I always have a problem with hosting companies and their many different FTP systems or some not even having one meaning you have to supply your own……, one little cool tip I can give you about this site is use the custom walk through bits and pick your colours then come up with some cool graphics in photoshop (make sure you get your sizes right and maybe only stick to white or black as background colours you will get better results) then code them in through a picture hosting site (you know make your header and content in photoshop) you can make something look pretty awesome that way, you will have some adverts on the top but hey your getting something for nothing and they have to make money otherwise they wouldnt do it but it nothing major, it wont harm your site. You will also have a sub domain which will be something like, well you said you don’t want that so that brings me to me next bit.

After you have made your site head over to and fill out the details then it will ask you to add a tiny logo on your site (stick it in your footer nobody will notice and to be honest you might even get away with taking it off after afew weeks), it will then ask you the domain you would like to redirect to so type in your and then you are away, you will have a domain like and you will even be able to fill out page details so it will say “welcome to my site” or whatever above the URL box (not many free domains give you that) you could have ( google it, another free domain site) but there is loads of adverst all over it so maybe you might want to go with the………..yeah ok it may not be a or a .com but is a damn fine free domain name for what you get and how your site looks on it.

This is how I found my feet in web design many moons ago and I am a design manager now (I do a lot of print design also though so I am not an all out web designer) so if you enjoy it maybe you should think about downloading Dreamweaver and Fireworks off torrents with some ebooks and training vids (yes steal is wrong but it is ok when it is educational haha) anyways I hope what I told you comes in use and let me know how you get on with bravehost and the if you have a look.

Happy webbing =)

Ahhh just read your extra bits, this is where it gets annoying, see a hosting site will offer you stupidly cheap domains and make life as hard as possible for you to point it at a free site or a site you have hosted elsewhere, they just hope you will finally give up and take advantage of their “cheap hosting deals”……… also depends on your domain name say if you have a for some reason its harder to point a domain you have with one company to a site you have hosted with another company, .com’s are different but it all depends on a) who you have your domain name with and b) who is hosting your site.

For example……if you have a domain name with a company like and you host your site with somebody like bravenet they won’t let you point the domain towards your bravenet site because bravenet want you to take out a domain with them……….what you have to do is redirect the site, its really really really long winded how the company you have your domain with set this out and of course they do it for a reason (they don’t want you going anywhere else do they) but that is something you will have to look into with you provider (every hosting company is different with their settings because of how they like the sites and domains to work). who is your domain name with?

ACAI BERRY ONLINE SCAM!!! Don’t be fooled by the “free trial offer” – it’s NOT FREE at all!

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