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free website advertising that works

Free Website Promotion – Tips to Promote Your Website For Free

Ask the PPC (pay per click) experts and they will say that free website promotion does not work. Maybe you do not get instant traffic as with paid methods such as PPC but even though free website promotion methods take time to work, they also tend to keep on working.

Yes free website promotion is feasible and does work well but it takes time and patience to get traffic to your new website.

Here are some tips to promote your website for free.

1. Get Your Website Listed.

Find the best internet directories and have them list your website. Some will list your site quickly but most will either be slow or even decline your listing request. Make sure your website is well formatted, looks good and not like a work in progress so that you have a higher chance of being listed.

2. Participate Actively in Forums.

Select appropriate forums for your niche and post regularly because forums are a great source of free website promotion if done well. Do not spam forums and only use your signature for promotion.

3. Consider Writing a Press Release.

Write a press release to advertise your new site or latest information about your site. Submit it to press release sites which you can easily find by doing a simple search for “press release”.

4. Check Out Your Competition.

Check out your competition and be friendly to them so that in time they will link to you site because the more link juice webmasters can get the better they rank.

5. Write Great Articles.

Write articles with tips and information about your niche and submit them to article directories. Other webmasters are always looking for content for their sites and there is a good chance that well written articles will get published by them. Advertise your website in the article resource box so people can click through to your site for more information.

6. Email Signatures.

Insert your website, its URL and features in your daily emails and let them spread the word about your site. Do not forget to add your website and its URL to the bottom of your auto-responder emails so your subscribers can click through for more information about your niche.

7. Banner Ads.

Banner ads are not as effectively as they once were but if your can create a great banner for your site why not ask other webmasters to swap banners with you. If nothing else they will create links back to your site and give you a better SEO ranking.

About the Author

If you want to advertise your website for free then give some of my free website promotion tips a go. For instant traffic by all means pay for it but for long term traffic some of the free methods will work for longer than the initial hit one gets with paid traffic methods. For more information

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I’m getting a 404: not found error using the link you provided… Going to, though, I do get to the website.

I’ve never heard of them, don’t know if they’re legit or not.

From what I see, they appear to be legitimate. You’d be selling telecom products and services on your own website, for River Offers. This would likely be a commission-based pay plan, as opposed to an hourly rate or salary.

I hope this helps!

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