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Insider-Secrets To Ensure Free Website Visitors Using E-books

E-books are fairly easy to create compared to printed books. Even better, they can be effective marketing tools to help your website get targeted online traffic if you know what to do.

Book and Chapter Titles

Be sure to use appropriate keywords for your e-book’s main and chapter titles. These will help generate traffic from search engine results.

Free to Download

Since you’re designing the e-book to be a marketing tool, you better offer them for free. Your aim is to get them to as many hands as possible.

Yes to Opt-In

Of course, free doesn’t mean you can’t ask for anything in return. Your e-book, after all, may be a treasure chest of information. Your target market won’t mind if you’re going to ask them for a teensy weensy favor in exchange ” like opting-in to your email subscription list, maybe?

Useful References

Use your online business or website in examples as many times as you can get away with it. If there are exercises to be made, make sure that you refer to your online business as well. Be sure to include complete details about your online business at the last page. Invite them to visit your website for additional tips and the chance to receive new e-books.


E-books can be interactive. As part of your work, you can ask your readers to fill up a survey to provide you additional information about your target market. But that’s not all. You can also include advertisements and an order form in your e-book. There’s no harm in assuming that they’d want to avail of your offer, is there?

Responses or feedback are always vital to marketing. There’s sure to be more than one person inclined to review your e-book. If the feedback’s positive then good! If it’s not something you want to hear, publicity is still publicity and it can generate interest for your ebook. People may be inclined to check your ebook and see if it’s as bad as others say. Hopefully, you can prove them wrong!

Market Reaction Tests

E-books are also another way of testing the market reaction. If you are thinking of writing an e-book that you’re intending to sell this time, you could test market reception by writing a free e-book first. See how they find your writing and ideas. If they appear to like it then you have more reason to push through with your e-book-for-sale plans.

E-book Publishing Tips

Just because your e-book’s for free doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do what you can to protect its information. Make sure to have it copyrighted and get an ISBN for your e-book. Make sure to double check the final draft of your work before releasing it to the public. Look for errors in grammar, spelling, and punctuation.

Take note of technical errors as well like spacing, illustration and graph labeling, and margins. The font type, size, and color you use should also make it easy for people to read your work.

Do your best to make your e-book distinguishable. Make the cover and title attention-grabbing. Consider including photos, illustrations, graphs and charts to relieve the monotony of data.

When you’re satisfied with your work, make sure you promote it extensively. Post articles about your free e-book in your blog and website. Visit other people’s blogs and spread the word in forums, too!

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