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How do I make a FREE .com website?

Hi, can anyone tell me how I can make a free website with my own domain name? For example….the link would say, instead of Know what I mean? How can I do that free (or really really cheap)? Thanks a lot! I’m starting a business with my mom and I don’t want to spend a lot of money just yet on a website until the business takes off. Thanks again ladies and gents!

Available now in USA, UK, France, Germany, and Japan

Microsoft Office Live Basics is the easy way to get started on the Web. If you have always wanted your own Web site, Office Live has just made it easier — much easier.

☞ Free domain name and Web hosting
Easy-to-use Web site design tools
500 MB of Web site storage space
25 company-branded e-mail accounts
Web site reports
Search engine advertising tool
Free Web site hosting
500 MB of Web site storage
Easily upload your logo, images, and documents
Up to 25 e-mail accounts, each with a full 2 GB of space
Keep track of people, events, and information
Access e-mail, contacts, and calendar from most Web browsers

☞ Go to the officelive link I have posted below and then click on the “Microsoft Office Live Worldwide” link on the left to see the packages for your country

Additional Information:
I currently have 2 domains through officelive, and go to your favorite search engine and use keywords “silver moon furniture” and “new mountain tavern” and see how these sites rate 😛

(A credit card is required for proof of identity, location, and that you are of legal age to sign contracts but will not be charged)

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