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i was stupid enough to buy a $1900 vacuum from Kirby, will i be able to return it?

couple of weeks ago we got a phone call advertising “free vacuum cleaning” on the military base. so i agreed. turns out it was a salesman from kirby vacuum company. after 2 or 3 hrs of the demo, my husband was impressed and agreed to buy it for me as a christmas present. after he left, i realized that we didnt get his card, phone number, and no copy of the contract papers. i’ve changed my mind about wanting the vacuum. went to the kirby website but i couldnt find anything about returns.

It will last forever. It really isnt that bad a buy. I sold Kirbys for a short while and on one demo, (two really old people in their 70’s or 80’s) the lady starts laughing when she sees that I have a Kirby. She then goes to her closet and gets HER kirby that is like 40 years old, and still works just fine.

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