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where can i list my american bulldog for a stud?

post website where i can list my male american bulldog for stud..i prefer free websites
wow..all of you are AS*HOLES! For you information, my male is king mufassa’s grandson, and has won many titles, and has an EXCELLENT hip score.

First things first. For one, many of the previous responders wanted to know if he was AKC registered. What they don’t know is that these dogs are not AKC registerable yet. Although a lot of the concerns brought up by the other responders are definitely very important. What I would do first is check your contract between you and the breeder. Many times there is a clause in there that states that you do not have breeding rights so by signing the contract, when you purchased your puppy, you became bound to it. Secondly, you need to check with the breeder and have him/her evaluate your dog and see if he is “breed” quality. The breeder can give you good advice or offer you a pup or dog that is of better quality for breeding if yours doesn’t match up and then help you promote him. If you still chose to breed him and the breeder finds out he/she could come after you. In some cases you only get limited registration on pet quality anyway and the offspring would therefore not be registerable with the parents registry. This is so that dogs that do not meet the standards don’t get bred and create future problems for the breed. Secondly, If you purchased the dog as “pet quality” he did not meet the breed standards. You can go to the registry the dog is registered through (UKC, NKC, ABA, ARBA, CKC, to name a few) and usually pull up the breed standards there or get a copy from the registry. If you purchased him from a pet store or backyard breeder with no contract he definitely should not be bred, because these dogs are usually not bred to the breed standards and are typically puppy mills. Just because he has a sweet personality or what you think are good traits does not make a good breeding dog. Research the health problems these dogs have and make sure you have him tested for those problems. Having a breeding dog is not cheap. Having him PennHipped or OFA checked, as well as CERF’d is a step in responsible breeding practices. Having a strong contract about spay and neutering is also responsible breeding practices. If you are not willing to have a contract offering guarantees and requiring spay and neuter of pet quality dogs — Don’t breed. Do your research and make sure he meets the standards, is free of any congenitel issues and is of good quality. Don’t make puppies just to make puppies. That’s not good business. You will just be contributing to the overcrowding of our shelters. Because these dogs have a natural instinct to protect, putting them into the wrong hands could be disasterous. Take this seriously and you should do well. Breeding just to breed is irresponsible and will not benefit you. Once you have determined your dog is of breeding quality there is a website where you can advertise him: I believe it does cost to advertise there but it gets good traffic. Also go to: There you will find other breeders of American Bulldogs. Contact them and see if they can help you. Sometimes they will and sometimes they won’t, it’s kind of a draw. Just be honest. Good luck in your venture.

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