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What are some good websites for making a free website with a free domain for business?

I’m planning to sell an ebook on ebay. So, I need a website to advertise my item. And can some one explain what is domain?

Since you are using it for your own business, you want a free site that does not have other peoples ads on it, see for a free hosting account. You can get a free subdomain with the hosting account or you can get one of the free domains or pay for your own domain and use it with the account.
The domain is the address that you type in for the website. for example, the domain for ebay is and the subdomain is anything to the left, eg (www is often optional)
If you want a .com domain name, you will have to pay an annual fee, or sign up for a paid hosting account and to get it free (either way you have to pay). If you don’t want to pay for a domain, you can get free subdomains. The free hosting comes with a subdomain that may be *** or *** or several others. It will show you when you sign up – if you don’t like the one offered, you can visit the page again later and hope a different one shows up.

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