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internet advertising?

I have a website that I was hoping to get people to advertise on, however I was wandering what i should charge.
What is a fair amount? for…
a/ per impression
b/ per click through
c/ i can offer video, so per video ad.

Anyone know what the going rates are? Also it should be noted that I can offer targetted ads so they only appear in the right demographic, therefore making the price beter. Thanks to any responders J.

I have been selling advertising space on my site since 1999. Deciding on the rate you will charge depends on a number of factors:

– Who is your audience and how desirable is your audience to the advertisers? If your audience are techies or those who have the propensity to purchase higher-ticket items, then you can charge a higher price as compared to an audience of bird lovers.

– What is the rate of comparative websites in your niche? You don’t want to overprice yourself out of the market yet you don’t want to undercharge as well.

– What is the rate advertisers are willing to pay in your site? You may charge $5 per CPM but if nobody’s taking you up on the rate even though you may get inquiries, then it could imply that advertisers may consider your rate too expensive. But if you charge $0.50 per CPM and advertisers are flooding in, then you may be too cheap and can afford to increase your rate.

– What is the CPM you get from other advertising vehicles? Do you run Google Adsense, and if so, what is your effective CPM rate with them? Or if you run banner ads through ad networks like Burst Media, Valueclick or Tribal Fusion, what is the CPM you’re getting? You can use those values to help you gauge your rate. It may not always work (e.g. if we use the CPM we get from Adsense, nobody’s ever going to advertise on our site because our Adsense CPM is too high) but it can give you an idea of what rate to use.

– What is the level of exposure the advertiser wants? You can lower your rate for an advertiser willing to sign a longer term contract, say for one year vis-a-vis an advertiser that signs up for only a month. You can also arrange for special rates if the advertiser is purchasing several advertising products from your site (e.g. advertiser wants to buy banner ads, text ads and newsletter sponsorship).

– What is your traffic levels? The more traffic you have, the higher rate you can charge. Note that some advertisers will want to see your traffic metrics first, some even go to sites such as (no matter how inaccurate) just to get an idea of your traffic levels

If you’re just starting in the game, experiment and see what rate the market will bite. You can start at $1 per CPM and see how it goes, or charge $5 per CPM depending on the factors above.

Prepare a media kit detailing who your audience is, the kind of ad space you offer, the rates and other information about your site and audience. If you have a banner advertising software capable of delivering various types of ads (e.g. text link, banners, skys, popunders, flash ads, video ads) and would allow your advertisers to track their campaign in real time, that would be super.

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